The men of noir…mean, nasty, morally ambiguous and Fuken cool

Hitcher: poems on film volumes II & III

Volume II:Destiny is my drowning

Destiny is my drowning

And it’s sister is my sin

I cannot detach myself
except to ride america’s highway

Into the soft night
Toward one forgiving soul

Volume III: Born again
From the moonlight i am born again,

lying face up in the gutter of life,
I survive, i work and i die.
Sin & sweat are perfect redemption for all that’s been lost
and i am never found again,

in this life or the next

Be ready for anything…

The words of a disembodied poet.

“Sleepless I stay up and think about my death,
-certainly its nearer…
If I don’t get some rest I ‘ll die faster”
— ~Allen Ginsberg

Seek first, ask questions later. Search on, man…

Fight for your right to do whatever you want!

Escape plan #5

On set…Denver short film…Hitcher ( based on a poem by Jack Brando)